Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Eat It

Today I had the Sister Missionaries over for dinner for the first time. We have the missionaries over for dinner sometimes at home but I'd never hosted them all by myself before! I made my go-to dish; Singapore Rice Noodles. It's my favourite chinese takeaway dish and I think I've finally perfected the taste! Secret ingredient is Oyster Sauce - it's full of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate C5H8NNaO4 [IUPAC name: Sodium 2-Aminopentanedioate]) and small prawns are essential too. They seemed to enjoy it! I've been making it ever since I've been a student who can't afford to get chinese takeaway. Delish. I gave them rocket lollies for dessert as I'm trying to use up all my food before moving out at the weekend...do rocket lollies count as "food"? I also gave Sister Turnbow a Boost chocolate bar, citing it as "continuing her education in English chocolate". The first time I met her I had Double Deckers for them (the sisters) however her companion "didn't eat chocolate" so she got the whole pack of 4!. And now she has a different companion who also doesn't eat chocolate! Sister Shorters doesn't eat it for a better reason than "health" though. She made a bargain with her Dad that she wouldn't eat chocolate for a year in order for him to give up smoking if she succeeded. The sisters are great. It's so obvious that they get on really well. They're not silly either, we had a good chat about loads of things and it was a pleasure having them over. The Elders in the ward are very good too. Shouldn't compare them or "rate" them but they are some of the best we've had for a while :)

I've been packing today. The walls look bare and the floor is covered with boxes and books and bags. I won't miss the house. It's pretty grotty but it is nice and big. This room I've been habiting for the last 10 months is the biggest room I've ever had. I started life in a box room, moving on to a medium sized room in Watford, moved out for the first time and had a small room with en suite in halls, then downsized back at home in Watford leaving my old room for my brother to completely fill with his clutter and then this year I am in this massive high-ceilinged Victorian master bedroom! I have never had to share a room. I guess this will change after I've met your father, kids. Once, I expressed my love for double beds on facebook and someone responded saying "wait till you have to share a bed!" I'll cross that bridge when I have to :S !

Moving swiftly on, I had a great weekend! It was full of tennis and football (watching, not playing) and great people. Tina and I got to go round the Sagals' home on Friday and Sunday and we had a blast with them. Sadly Djokovic did not complete the non-calendar year grand slam but he's still one of my favourites. Hopefully I'll get to see him play at WIMBLEDON 2012! We're going to camp again. Excited.

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