Monday, 2 July 2012

Such a Groovy Guy

Wimbledon has taken over my life. If you are a friend of mine on facebook this fact will be very obvious to you. No fewer than the last 13 items I have posted have been Wimbledon related. Where to start?

On Tuesday 26th June I hopped on a Southern Line train to West Brompton then a District line tube to Southfields station. Met up with friends from Birmingham on the way and we joined "The Queue" in Wimbledon Park (not to be confused with the Wombles' common). 25 hours later and we're sat on Centre Court at The All England Tennis club. Happy days. And while the queueing is tiresome, we had fun and it was nice being in a larger group than last year.

Most of our time was spent haggling over the price of dodgy pizza, mastering our house rules in Uno, sleeping and rejoicing/groaning about our relative positions in the card game "Bums and Presidents". The pizza thing was funny, managed to get £73 worth of pizza down to £24 by driving a hard bargain with a guy who was coming along the queue handing out leaflets. We handed over the money and he said he would make the order for us. 10 minutes later..."did we just give our money to someone before we even got the pizza?" For a split second we thought we'd be conned but the pizza came and faith was restored. Lesson learnt!

Centre Court is just amazing. I like it when things seem bigger in real life compared to TV. The BBC coverage doesn't do it justice (an example of the opposite is the Royal Albert Hall but I'll come back to that later). The matches we saw were fantastic:

A supreme exhibition from ever-classy Federer, a failing Wozniacki 3-setter where I didn't know who to support!, a very tidy show from the mum-of-one and soon-to-retire Kim Clijsters and the man we camped for... Novak Djokovic.

What can I say kids? This was the day I MET your father! Haha I wish. I'm not one to be a home wrecker as Mr Nole is already married, but as Tina says: "It's not over till there's kids!" Yes yes, we rubbed shoulders with the best of them. Here's a list of the rich and famous we saw during the day:

Nick Hewer of the Apprentice
Richard Bacon of Blue Peter and 5Live fame
HRH Prince Charles
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Sir Bruce Forsyth and wife Wilnelia, former Miss World
Lord Sebastian Coe
Stefan Edberg, former World No.1 and 6-time grand slam winner
John Inverdale, BBC Presenter
and a bunch of world class tennis players of course :)

The most exciting thing was going up to get autographs after Djokovic's match. Up we rushed just as he won his match point, trying to get in position. Tina was of course, the first person he went up to! She asked him for his sweatband and he obliged, signing it before handing it over. I was standing further down the line thinking "oh my goodness lucky dawg!" Little did I know that he would come along the line, see me shaking my Serbian coloured banner at him, take it from me to sign it, smile right at me(!!!) hear me say feebly "I made you a banner!" then smile again, reach into his pocket for the other sweatband, sign it and hand it to me! I nearly died on the spot. It's sitting on my shelf in all its glory. Life may not ever be able to reach the heights of that peak. Swoon.

So the whole day was fantastic, we got almost 11 hours of tennis and with Centre Court tickets priced at £56 a pop, I think that's money well spent!

It's been a busy two weeks or so. On 21st June the day after my 20th Birthday I went to see Carrie Underwood in her first ever UK concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I love this venue so much so when I heard that was where her concert would take place I jumped at the chance to go. She was absolutely incredible and put on the best live gig I have ever been to. Her new album is on repeat and she did loads of songs from her previous three albums. Love her to bits.

And then I went to Liverpool for "The Genesis Project" convention! It was so well organised and not too big that I met some lovely people. I was also so impressed with the city centre! It really is beautiful and much nicer than Birmingham I have to say! They have the Mersey at the heart of it with nice big buildings and an open feel. Not sure about the accent though. The highlights of the convention were the boat dance complete with Where's Wally? theme and then the Sunday meetings which felt more like comedy shows! I enjoy it when our church leaders have a sense of humour, especially when speaking with YSA; I think we need it!

Epic blog post over, but you can look forward to reports on future events such as a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, my first wedding as a Maid of Honour and efy! So long...

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