Thursday, 18 October 2012

She Drives Like Crazy


- YAY John won the Great British Bake Off
- I need to eat Chiffon cake pronto
- I've been watching the US Presidential election debates
- The Mormons for Romney are sounding A LOT more rational than the Mormons for Obama camp at the moment
- I got my institute teacher out of chair football with a header, it was glorious
- Chemistry is hard
- Physical Chemistry is like gibberish to me
- Professor Preece is pushing the mantra "Chemistry is fun" on us students
- Professor Tuckett is barking mad
- I'm exceptionally excited for Skyfall to be released


I had a wonderful weekend last week. Full of dancing, making new friends, cultivating old friendships and inflatable twister.

Friday afternoon we set off for London. It took far too long despite the title of this blog entry, but the drive was good in that we had great music and we entered the bounds of London just before sundown. There were some great views as we made our way across the city west to east, destination Canary Wharf. My favourite of which was seeing the Shard and St. Paul's in the distance against an orange sky. Perfection! And by the time we got to Canada Square it was dark. I'd never been that close to Canary Wharf and the other "skyscrapers" before and it was absolutely astounding! Glitzy, shiny, glassy, spangly. All of those words. We got changed into our dresses in a very posh toilet in the shopping mall. There was marble everywhere so I didn't feel too shabby getting changed in there.

So the main thing I want to get across to you is that I LOVE MY DRESS. It's the most expensive dress I've ever owned (which my mother took great pleasure in telling facebook on the photo) and for good reason. It's silk and bought from an emporium in Hong Kong. Red and silver with dragons on it; the longest Chinese dress I have, falling down to at least my ankles. So pretty. And the best thing of all: it fits perfectly.

Anyway enough dress appreciation. The whole point of all this is that we had tickets to the (hopefully) annual Thames Boat Dance. Put 500 Mormons on a boat on a Friday night and you get a number of results:
1) Questionable dress standards
2) A sweaty, smelly dance floor
3) Great people you can chat or dance with
4) Absolutely no drunks :)
5) Lots of photos being taken

It was a good time.

So the following day we had the Birmingham activity day and homecoming dance. I thought the day activity went really well! Good food, great people and a chilled atmosphere where socialising was encouraged. I met a lot of new people and even a few I reckon I could be good friends with in the future. The dance was also good. I wasn't wearing as nice a dress but I was comfortable and therefore relaxed. Again I had the opportunity to talk to good friends; caught up with one of my co-counsellors from efy, got to know some acquaintances even better and also fangirled about the new Les Mis movie. Did I mention cake? Good cake.

So it was a busy weekend topped off with a baptism on Sunday which was glorious. Today a friend texted me about our lunch gathering at uni saying: "yay! Mormon gathering!" I thought about this phrase for a sec and concluded that apart from my university lectures and choir, my life is basically a Mormon gathering! And that's the way I like it.

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