Saturday, 17 November 2012

Do I Creep You Out

ANTI-DATING TIPS - things you should do in order to impress your date AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE

- Call your date on your mother's mobile phone
- Ask your date her age
- Ask her how many dates she's been on
- Remember to joke about the multiple dates you've been on since returning from your mission
- Mention money issues (including but not limited to: saying you want to go on a date as SOON as you know when you're getting paid)
- Walk through the door first
- Tug on your date's arm and say "sit a bit closer!"
- Smirk at your date's choice of football team to support
- Choose to take your date to the cinema on a first (let's be honest ONLY) date [See Elder Scott's opinion on cinema dates:]

"That may be great for a married couple, but I think it is a stupid idea for two people trying to get to know each other! If you are a young man trying to get to know a young girl, for heaven’s sake, don’t take her to a movie!"

- Walk your date to the train station/bus stop
- Call or text to make sure your date got home safely
- Take your date to see a film she's already seen


Yes friends, all of the above happened to me. I now have a good "worst date ever" story.


  1. Can we add to the do list 'ask your date what size her ring finger is to see if your ex-fiancé's ring will fit her'


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