Sunday, 30 December 2012

Livin' In The Fridge

Time for a more cheery post. After all, in the words of Noddy Holder: IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

In most ways, Christmas 2012 has been wonderfully standard; lots of food, presents given, presents received (some from my emailed-out-to-family Amazon wishlist), beautifully decorated tree and house, and crazy Uncle and widow-friend of the family round for Christmas lunch. What made it different this year? Well, first of all my Canadian housemate Alex joined us for a few days. She wasn't making the trip back home to Canada so I invited her round to join the Siu household for Christmas. It was lovely having her over and showing her our low-key English Christmas. We even took her to my old school friend's annual Christmas Eve party back in Harrow where I grew up. I think she enjoyed meeting my friend and his family and the "lively conversation" we enjoy every year, as well as the Indian food! The second "difference" comes in the form of the usually-standard Downton Abbey Christmas special. This is usually a joyous occasion where we enter the state of escapism and witness the glorious lives of those above and below stairs at the seat of the Earl of Grantham. Not this year. No siree. This is your polite warning to get off my blog if you have not watched said episode and wish to remain unspoiled by my commentary.


WHAT THE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL? Ruined I tell you, ruined. They (and by "they" I mean Julian Fellowes and Dan fetchin' Stevens) just can't leave a happy couple of new parents alone can they? First they death-do-they-parted precious Lady Sybil & Branson after baby Sibby was born, now Matthew hits a milk cart almost minutes after a moment of paradise with his new family. CURSES. I just. I don't even know what they're on about. If they knew Dan Stevens wasn't staying on, why kill Sybil as well? Whate'er.

The rest of the episode was pretty good, I enjoyed Rose's storyline with the horrid mother and am excited to see her at Downton permanently. Here's hoping she'll shake things up a bit whilst maintaining her likeable persona.

I LOVE LADY EDITH. I'm 89% sure I always have. She's interesting to me; maybe that says more about me than it does her but I've always liked her. She's a bit spunky (remember when she kissed that married farmer!), she has her own magazine column, and now this Mr Rochester-esque editor-dude has the hots for her! I love Jane Eyre so this story of the insane wife isn't so alien to me. Can't wait to find out how they're going to get rid of her. Burning her in her own crazy-chamber would be far too reminiscent of the Charlotte Brontë classic and so Julian better get his thinking cap on.

And lastly, I absolutely HATED the new maid who was perving on Branson. I couldn't help but shout "GET OUT" at the TV multiple times. What a freak. Apparently kissing Branson is not "improper". Get out. I'm glad they sacked her and nipped it in the bud, however I have the uncomfortable feeling that might not be the last we've seen of her.

So yes after that Downton ending, Christmas was definitely over.

p.s I realise at the start of this post I said it would be more cheery, but I could not forsee how much of it would be about DA. Apologies...

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