Tuesday, 1 October 2013


This post is an honest "stock take" of life, inspired by my good friend Ashley's blog.

Making: plans to have a couple of magnificent weekends this month.
Cooking: a pretty smashing spanish omelette.
Drinking: Summer Fruits Oasis
Reading: "Death Comes To Pemberley" by PD James - a Pride and Prejudice "sequel" which I would usually be wary of, but the BBC are doing an adaptation so what the hell.
Wanting: the job I just applied for.
Looking: forward to general conference! #ldsconf
Playing: the suite from one of my most favourite films, "Little Women" by Thomas Newman, on the keyboard. It's on my bucket list to perfect it and I have made a lot of progress!
Wasting: my time on youtube.
Sewing: to fix my clothes.
Wishing: for the job I just applied for.
Enjoying: the continued communication with friends far and wide. Skype, whatsapp and google+!
Waiting: for Andy Murray to recover from back surgery and to start playing tennis again.
Listening: to John Mayer's latest album.
Liking: a boy.
Wondering: why I am such a night-owl. It's 0038.
Loving: my door of my newly decorated room, the only place I can stick pictures and mementos. It looks AWESOME.
Hoping: I get the extraordinary life I desire...and will hopefully deserve.
Marvelling: at the beautiful promises in my patriarchal blessing. Also marvelling at how blessed I am yet still find myself wanting more.
Needing: the job I just applied for.
Smelling: clean laundry.
Wearing: a cool t-shirt showing the evolution of a tennis player.
Following: 361 people on twitter.
Noticing: the ironies of life, and the things that I like in other people.
Knowing: that Sister T is right; "The best part is that you can be pretty positive that the Lord is directing you, even though many times it doesn't feel like it". I love that.
Thinking: too much. Hence why I watch so many period dramas for escapism.
Bookmarking: chord sheets of songs I want to play on the ukulele.
Opening: a pot of moisturiser.
Giggling: about the hilarity of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's friendship.
Feeling: like friends and family are everything. Oh and youtube ;)

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