Thursday, 2 January 2014


2013 has been another cracker of a year. 20/21 was pretty good to me. Here are the highlights:


I bought an ice cream maker. Alex said that only a deep fat fryer was more dangerous to our figures(!)

Snow happened

Djokovic won yet another Australian Open (and I got quoted some more on the BBC Sport website)


Chinese New Year dinner

YSA trip to my beloved London Temple

Best Valentine's Day ever

Coventry Convention

Institute bun fight

I went to hear my favourite symphony played by Lucy's CBSO Youth Orchestra - Mahler's 5th


My last ever school/university music concert performing Carmina Burana

I organised a little trip to see The Phantom Of The Opera at the Birmingham Hippodrome :)

Road trip to Swansea!


"The Garden" finally happened!

The "I'm A Mormon" campaign hit London (and I bought yet more clothing from Uniqlo <3)

Sarah's Oreo birthday party (complete with my home-made Oreo earrings!)


My then-latest twitter/youtube obsession returned to earth safely (the one with the moustache)

I FINISHED UNIVERSITY! Goodbye dearest University Of Birmingham :')

Probably my favourite YSA dance of the whole year (live music rules all)

The French Open (more tweets)

I graduated institute (in 3 years whoot!)


Joshua Radin LIVE for the second time (introduced Alex to his incredible music)

I got to see one of my favourite actors in a production of one of my favourite pieces of American literature and indeed playing one of my favourite male characters in fiction - RSL aka WILSON in To Kill A Mockingbird at the AMAZING Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park

Alton Towers trip! I officially forsook any Siu-fear of rollercoasters I ever had

Wimbledon warm-up at the Edgbaston Ladies Aegon Classic tourno

JOSH GROBAN live at Symphony Hall, Birmingham

My 21st birthday/leaving party! An informal gathering at the Poole House replete with kitchen-dance party and 80s music

Dearest friends (and some extras) in this photo ha!

I left Birmingham and moved home to Watford after a wonder-fabuloso 3 years away

I successfully camped & queued for the third year in a row! And how was I to top Wimbledon 2012 when Novak Djokovic gave me his Uniqlo sweatband and signed my banner? Oh that's right, ANDREW MURRAY SHOOK MY HAND WHEN I ASKED! It was a perfect day.
I also met Judy, was spotted by friends on TV and witnessed Federer's second round defeat by Stakhovsky from Murray Mound on that WACKIEST of Wimbledon Wednesdays

Me spying on my soon-to-be bezzie



Started teaching six little 6-8 year old boys in Sunday school at church!


Many BBC Proms including Mahler 5 ;)

Many outdoor dinners (including raclette!) with family and friends in the heat of a decent English summer

Opportunities to wear my favourite hat around the greatest city on earth



Alex left the country. We had the perfect few days before she left (I'm not even going to attempt to relay what happened at the airport). My favourite memory of our time together in 2013 will be the night we laid down on the legendary green blanket in my garden, listening to Joshua Radin, My Name Is You and John Mayer, talking about everything and watching the Perseid meteor shower. "Come back to me my dear..."

Ardingly YSA convention (+temple trip)

British Pageant trip to Chorley

Absolutely LOVING being back close to the capital

Another trip to Regent's Park, Open Air Theatre...this time to see The Sound Of Music. Without a doubt the most transcendental, emotional and brilliant theatre experience of my life.


First time at Twickenham for a double header with Mari! I still have a 100% win record for seeing Saracens play, this time 42-20 v London Irish

US Open (more BBC Sport tweets published!)

The Garden reunion BBQ!

The return of Downton Abbey


LOTS of unemployment-baking

Aaaaaand the job hunting ends! Folks, job hunting was not fun. That's all I have to say about that


First rehearsal for our next musical event "The Lamb Of God"

ATP World Tour Finals at The O2 Arena! Alistair attended his first live tennis match

Introduced yet another human to the beauty of Forrest Gump. This time it was the turn of Hannah (the lodger!)

Photo shoot in Surrey (+temple visit) - you can play "Where's Steph?" in the photo below:

Discovering Cadbury with Daim...(and Megan's intense pout!)

Ice-skating at Somerset House

I started my new job! I entered the REAL adult world of commuting, lunch breaks and colleagues


A couple of weekends in Birmingham. It's strange going back to a place you lived for 3 years and yet feeling like the visitor that you are

I love going to the temple at Christmastime, although no snow this year

Went to my old school's candlelight carol service AND John Rutter's Christmas celebration at the Royal Albert Hall

Murray won BBC SPOTY

Christmas day - FOOD, presents, Downton, Mahjong, MORE food, and another North American guest :)

Seriously SO MUCH Mahjong over Christmas! We managed to introduce 4 new people to the game, Megan being the most enthusiastic/addicted! Job done


My new year's eve was spent in London and Watford, with great friends [one that I hadn't seen in probably 17 years and yet we reconnected and found SO much in common! Tom Hiddleston being one of those things ;)]. We went to the National Gallery, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey for evensong and had a sublime Italian lunch at Trafalgar Square. We then headed back to my house for food, warmth and Pride & Prejudice!

This year has been momentous, fun and challenging. I don't quite know where I'll be this time next year, but I hope that I'm still passionate about the things that I love.

Kids, life is what YOU make happen; Get tickets to shows! Go camp for 20 hours to shake Andy Murray's hand! Practice the piano! Listen to music that makes your heart happy! Spend time with people that bring the best out of you! Play games! Take photos! Serve others! Look at the night sky! Take pleasure in the world and make yourself aware of how mind-blowing it is!

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